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What is IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)?

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IPL Treatment stands for intense pulsed light and can be used for various dermatological procedures including hair removal. Sea Beauty are excited to be offering IPL services at the salon in North Beach.

This hair removal treatment can be described as a flicking sensation with a hot elastic band. Machines these days can have an inbuilt cooling system to help alleviate the heat from the light pulses.

How does IPL work?

IPL Treatment works to kill hair growth by targeting the darker pigments of the hair with intense light. The light travels through the skin until it hits the root of the hair. This in turn heats the hair and destroys their cells, preventing further growth.

How many IPL treatments will I need?

Treatment sessions are generally 4-6 weeks apart. An average of 8-10 treatments are required to reduce hair growth in the targeted area. The IPL machine can also be customized based on hair colour, skin colour, and hair depth. Results are often best when hair follicles are much darker than skin pigmentation.

IPL is great for removing hair around the bikini line in summer! No more shaving and waxing! Please contact Sea Beauty North Beach if you have any questions about our Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal services.

Rejuvenation and Pigmentation

IPL generates intense pulsed light, which converts to heat energy as it reaches the collagen layer beneath the skin. The light eliminates signs of ‘photo aging’ such as pigmentation, freckles, sunspots as well as spider veins. The light is attracted to any depth of colour in pigmentation on the skin’s surface and will usually break it down.

Vascular and spider veins

When treating surface veins (spider veins), the light is attracted to the hemoglobin within the vein, converting it to heat energy, which destroys the lining of the vein wall. Treated veins will fade and slowly disappear as they are absorbed naturally by the body, similar to the dispersion of a bruise. Blood flow will then be directed into veins deeper within the dermis so they are no longer visible.


When treating acne, the light targets the bacteria and also may shrink the sebaceous glands.

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