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Feather Touch Eyebrow Tattooing is the perfect way to fill brows and even achieve symmetry! No more pencilling in your brows every morning. If you are looking to redefine your facial features, eye brow tattooing is the treatment for you!

What is Feather Touch Eyebrow Tattooing?

Feather Touch Brow Tattooing, otherwise known as Microblading, is a very natural look semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo. Fine surgical blades are used to hand draw each brow hair. Strokes are tailored to mimic the client’s natural brow shape and hair direction. A shade of dye, predetermined by your brow specialist to best suit your features, is then embedded into the incisions. The result is beautifully defined brows that look natural!

How long does Feather Touch Brow Tattooing last?

Feather Touch Brow Tattooing lasts up to 24 months. Once the treatment is performed, your brows will appear up to 80% darker than the final healed result (so don’t be alarmed!).

Aftercare for your brow tattoo is extremely important and will be provided to you after your brow consult. Following aftercare instructions is important for long lasting optimum brow tattoo results.

Approximately 4 weeks after your first tattoo, you will be asked to book a second appointment to review your results. This is what we call a “touch up” appointment and you may require additional micro blading to ensure your brows are perfect!

Please contact Sea Beauty North Beach to book your Feather Touch Brow Tattoo appointment today.

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